Admission is open to all bachelor’s degree holders, aiming academic or professional career and interested in furthering their education through a program of individual study in architecture and urban design.

Required application materials are:

1- Statement of Interest  (A personal statement explaining goals and objectives for the program, description of the intended field of study, research or design project based on Istanbul)
2- Current resume (CV) and creative portfolio
3- English Language Proficiency Test Result

Participants will be able to join the program without paying any contribution fee.

Given the individualized nature of the Academy’s program, there are a limited number of spots available each semester, so we suggest early applications. Interested participants are encouraged to contact the Academy’s director to express their intent to apply.

The language of the program is Turkish and English. The applicants are expected to have sufficient knowledge in English to be able to read, discuss, research and present their studies. All applicants whose native language is not Turkish or English must submit YDS (min 65), TOEFL IBT (min 70) or IELTS  (min 6.0) score for admissions.

2020 / Fall Semester

Application Deadline: October 10, Saturday, 23.59 (UTC+3)
Interview Dates: October 19-20, 2020
Program Start Date: October 26, 2020
Program End Date: February 13, 2021

AURA Istanbul 2020 Fall Semester Certificate Program will start on October 10, 2020 and will continue for 16 weeks.

During the Fall Semester, all seminars, conferences and events will be held on online platforms due to the measures taken against Coronavirus (Covid-19). However, the studio meetings will be held in AURA Istanbul at certain times, while taking necessary measures. Participants are expected to adapt to the dynamic structure of the seminars, conferences, workshops and excursions organized within the program and participate in the program on weekdays.

Detailed information about the program can be found on the Program, Program Modules and Design Studio pages.

The application deadline for the 2020 Fall Semester is October 10, 2020.

2020 Fall, Research Based Desıgn Studıo Theme:
Urban-Rural Forms and the Productıon of Voıd

The Research Based Design Studio, which forms the backbone of the AURA Istanbul Certificate Program, crosses the limits of traditional architectural studio practices and approaches contemporary urban issues with an interdisciplinary perspective.

Studio instructors, Büşra Al and Sinan Logie define the main theme of the 2020 Fall Semester as “Urban-Rural Forms and the Production of Void”:

“Italian architect and cartographer Giambattista Nolli (1701-1756) started to survey Rome in 1736 and published the engravings of his map in 1748. The Nolli map has been used by the Municipality of Rome for planning the city until the 1970s.

Beyond its long life, Nolli’s map contains other interesting features. The cartographer carried the age of enlightenment and science forward by orienting the city’s plan to magnetic north for the first time. Moreover, the relationships of figure-ground (or private and public relations) depicted by the map remain a platform to discuss current spatial and social conditions.

The AURA Istanbul, Fall 2020, Research-Based Design Studio, under the instruction of Büşra Al and Sinan Logie, invites participants to reflect on the concepts of solid and void, based on the legacy of the Nolli map. This cross-scale process calls for the reinterpretation of the permeability between publicness, open space, private space, service, and living spaces in urban or rural areas. This practice will examine the political ecology of the space, aiming to create new approaches of depiction and discourse on a multidimensional plane, in terms of rational or poetic wholeness of daily life’s needs.

During the first two weeks of the studio, the participants will focus on positive and negative space perceptions as team work. Then, individually or as groups, the researchers will produce their projects based on their theoretical background in their selected area (or areas) based on discussions that will emerge in the studio’s environment. This studio also aims to work on the design of the production process.”


 Büşra Al

After her graduation from Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Architecture in 2008 she continued her education at Istanbul Bilgi University – Master Programme of Architectural Design between 2008-2010. Following her post graduation in 2010, she worked in various offices.
In 2014 she founded PLUGOFIS.
During her education she attended several competitions including S.O.S.-Akm (1st Prize) and Archprix Turkey (Honorable Mention).
Since 2014 she has continued her professional experience with national competitions like Gaziemir Aktepe Emrez Urban Design Project (1st Prize – Equivalent), Adana Sucuzade City Square Urban and Architectural Design Project (1st Prize), Antalya Muratpaşa Multi-Purpose Performing Center Project (2nd Prize) and Erbaa Çamlık Social Center Project (Honorable Mention)
She is still practicing architecture at PLUGOFIS.

Sinan Logıe

Sinan Logie started to experiment the city and architecture on the streets of Ankara with his skateboard around 1979. He finalized his architecture studies in 1998 at Brussels Free University Victor Horta Faculty of Architecture.
His thesis “From the Piazza San Giovanni to the Cyberspace” has been awarded with the “Adrien Cools” prize. His project for the “Ursulines Square” (Brussels) in partnership with l’Escaut Architects received the “Regle d’or de l’urbanisme” award in 2007. After having experimented different scales of design such as furniture, architecture and urban planning in Belgium, Logie moved to Istanbul in 2011; where he pursues his architectural and artistic researches.
Since 2013 Logie teaches at Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Architecture, in 3rd undergraduate studios. His research book on urban spread, Istanbul 2023 co-written with Yoann Morvan, has been published by B2 publishers in Paris.
He instructed the Research-Based Design Studio of AURA Istanbul during 2018 Fall Semester.



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