Summer Academy 2017
17 July – 6 August (3 Weeks)


In the Aegean, where the mind and soul merges, on the skirts of Mount Mycale, in Priene and in Miletos on the homeland of philosopher Thales, of Isodorus, the architect of Hagia Sophia and of Hippodamus… Would you like to learn about the oldest planned cities of the ancient world and contribute with your own fresh ideas?

Including the opportunity of a summer internship, senior architectural students, graduates and graduate students are invited to join AURA İstanbul Summer Academy on the unmatched beauty of the Aegean, immersed in history and hosted by D-Köy.

AURA Summer Academy suggests a rewarding summer where you can live on the ancient Aegean, have a chance to relive its history and learn, discuss and get hands on experience on a wide range of subjects ranging from architecture, city planning, philosophy, archeology and history.   

AURA-İstanbul Summer Academy is a chance to spend an unforgettable summer in the company of experts and lecturers, with contributions from authorities from other disciplines, archeologists from the dig site and the local municipality.

You will find the opportunity to contribute to this unique environment through a multi-disciplinary approach by peeling away the layers of history, reconstructing buildings, discussing your ideas and projects with experienced names in the field, receiving feedback and exhibiting your work.

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D-Köy is an arts and culture project with a mission to preserve past civilizations on the land, its cultural heritage and the agricultural lands of the country. The D-Köy project aims to protect the cultural assets of the town of Doğanbeyköy where the natural environment merges with history, the town’s architectural fabric, its art and its archeological resources and the natural flora of the land to make its distinctive culture available for future generations. The D-Köy project is an association of cultural trendsetters like academicians, architects.

D-Köy has an interesting history. It is situated in an old Greek village where Turkish ex-patriates from Thessaloniki were settled after the signing of the exchange protocol between Turkey and Greece on January 30, 1923. The village is on the road to Priene/Milet near Aydın, Söke. Arts and cultural events take place in D-köy, where the museum within the village attracts many visitors every year.   


The main goal is to offer selected participants an opportunity to leave their metropolitan environment behind to observe and identify problems on a smaller scale, within their original cultural, social and historical context, to analyze and solve evident problems. Participants will also be able to take part in panel discussions, meetings and day trips reflecting the multi-disciplinary approach of the Academy.

In small groups, 12 senior architectural students, graduates or post-graduate students will;

  • Have real hands-on experience on an archeological dig site.
  • Be able to have extensive practice opportunities on the built and urban environment.
  • Advance their architectural knowledge and skills during workshops and field studies.
  • Reestablish the bond between public spaces of the old and new villages and share this experience with local administrators.
  • Have the opportunity to share their findings and ideas during sunset alfresco discussions in D-Köy workshop with their instructors and “Moonlight Discussions” at night.
  • Evaluate their findings from a socio-cultural perspective.
  • Join in diverse gatherings, museum visits, conferences and panel discussions.
  • Receive a “Certificate of Participation”.
  • Have the chance to exhibit their findings at the end of the program


Day trips to local places of interest, daily breakfast in an olive grove and one night dinner in a local establishment will be arranged.


Participants will stay in the restored buildings in the village in groups of four. A sandwich for lunch and dinner at night will be provided by the AURA Summer Academy. For other necessities, the coffee house in the village square can also be used.


Information on transportation will be announced on a later date.


  • 11 July AURA Beşiktaş Office orientation
  • 16 July – 6 August AURA Summer Academy
  • 16 July Sunday – Meeting place: Söke
1st Week (17 – 23 July)
  • Director – Cengiz Kabaoğlu
  • Building survey, restoration and archeology seminars
  • Visiting and following the work on the Priene archeological site
  • The assessment of İlyas Bey Mosque as an example of restoration with Cengiz Kabaoğlu
  • Parallel histories of both Doğanbey villages with Art Historian Ayşegül Güngören
  • History and archeology discussions in the workshop
  • Documentary viewing
  • Karina trip, dinner and discussion
2nd Week (24 – 30 July)
  • Director – Kaya Dinçer
  • Comparison of the old and new Doğanbey villages from structural, urban, sociological and cultural perspectives.
  • D-Köy Ottoman Dress Museum trip
  • Documentary viewing
  • Architectural photography workshop with Büşra Yeltekin
  • Güllübahçe trip, dinner and discussion
3rd Week (31 July – 6 August)
  • Director – Nezih Başgelen
  • Priene and Miletos, Dydima ve Heraklia, Afrodisias field trips with Nezih Başgelen
  • Discussions on ancient philosophy
  • Prehistory Architecture seminar by Necmi Karul
  • Moonligt discussions


  • 5 August Saturday – Gala dinner with the participation of AURA-İstanbul  board members and D-Köy directors
  • 6 August Sunday – Return to İstanbul
  • 8-12 August – Completion of the exhibition content
  • 2 October – AURA Summer Academy Exhibition (To last a whole month)

  • A camera
  • MüzeKart
  • Sketch pens and pencils
  • Sneakers
  • A long-sleeve thin cotton T-shirt
  • A pair of thin cotton trousers
  • A pair of bluejeans
  • A cardigan for chilly nights
  • Sunblock and allergy medicine
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Long-term medicine
  • Thermos
  • Swimsuit
  • Sunglasses

Application registrations have been completed. Thank you.